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First Impressions on ChatGPT 4.5

Updated: at 09:22 AM

Word has been spreading that OpenAI is testing a new version of ChatGPT somewhat anonymously on the LMSYS Chatbot Arena, an online LLM benchmarking tool where two randomly selected chat models are asked the same question and users determine which one gives the best answer.

Initially named gpt2-chatbot, this new model was accessible via direct chat or in the arena. It later resurfaced under a new name, im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot, but now can only be accessed through battle mode, making it more challenging to interact with (and its status is only revealed at the end).

I decided to test the model myself with a question I know the answer to: Who am I?

Luckily, I was matched with the renowned im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot model, which was compared to the latest available version of the GPT model. Ultimately, I selected Model A as the winner.

Results below for Who is Maxime Valette?:

Model A: im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot

Maxime Valette is a French entrepreneur best known for founding the website Vie de Merde (often abbreviated as VDM) in 2008. The website allows users to share short anecdotes about unfortunate or embarrassing incidents in their daily lives. The concept is similar to the English-language website FMyLife (FML). Over the years, VDM and FML have grown popular as platforms where people can share and read humorous or relatable stories.

Valette has been recognized for his innovative approach to online community building and has expanded his entrepreneurial efforts into other internet and tech-related ventures.

Model B: gpt-4-turbo-2024-04-09

As of my last update, Maxime Valette is best known as a French entrepreneur and developer, particularly recognized for co-founding the website “Vie de Merde” (VDM) in 2008. The site, whose name translates to “My Life Sucks” in English, allows users to share funny and embarrassing stories about their everyday lives, typically in a format where they describe an unfortunate event followed by the abbreviation “VDM.”

Valette’s work with Vie de Merde expanded beyond the digital realm, as the concept was adapted into books and even inspired mobile applications, illustrating how internet culture can transition into other media forms. His role in creating a platform that blends humor with user-generated content has made him a notable figure in the digital and entrepreneurial landscape in France.

I am impressed by the precise data and direct answers provided by this source, without unnecessary embellishments often seen in other GPT models. Let’s hope for a general availability soon.