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Finishing Beats Being Perfect

Updated: at 03:10 AM

In the fast-paced world of tech, there’s a simple idea I’ve come to appreciate a lot: it’s better to finish something than to try to make it perfect. This thought isn’t about doing a bad job on purpose; it’s about moving forward and getting things done.

As someone who builds websites and starts new companies, I’ve seen how trying to make everything perfect can actually slow you down. Here’s why I think it’s more important to finish your work than to make it absolutely perfect.

Getting Stuck on Perfect

Trying to make something perfect can stop you in your tracks. I’ve seen too many good ideas never see the light of day because they were being polished forever. When you focus on just getting things done, you keep moving and improving.

The Trap of Feature Creep

Feature creep happens when you keep adding new features to a project, making it more complex than it needs to be. This can delay completion and distract from the core purpose of your project. It’s important to focus on what really matters and finish that first.

Why Finishing Matters

There are plenty of examples in tech where the first version of something wasn’t perfect but still changed the game. Getting your work out there means you can start getting feedback and making it better, instead of guessing at what “perfect” is.

Embracing the Startup Mindset

Jean de la Rochebrochard, a well-known investor, advises that if you’re not a bit embarrassed by your early versions, you’ve probably spent too much time on them. This is a valuable mindset for startups—move fast, release your ideas into the world, and improve them based on real feedback.

Learning from What You Finish

Letting go of the need for perfection feels freeing. It’s a way to remind ourselves that it’s okay to make mistakes. This attitude helps us be more creative and find new solutions because we’re focused on solving problems, not making everything flawless.

Wrapping Up

”Done is better than perfect.” I have tried to embrace this motto and let go of unattainable standards. Aiming for perfection causes frustration at best and paralysis at worst.

Sheryl Sandberg

Going from an idea to something real is tough. But it’s also how we learn and grow. Believing that finishing is better than being perfect helps us to try new things, make mistakes, and eventually, make something great.In the tech world, this idea helps keep me going. It’s a nudge to remember that making something good and real is better than dreaming about something perfect.